LBBEvent : Sugar Rush Honest Review

So the way this event was marketed. We went expecting a lot from it. Like when you hear something like “Sugar Rush” the only thing that comes to you mind is desserts and all things sweet.

But somehow LBB’s Sugar Rush has failed to live up to the mark because of the following reasons:
1) Poor lighting and ambiance: The event is organised in some sort of a dark area where the lighting is only given to the stalls. So as a food blogger there wasn’t much lighting anywhere else to click some nice picture of the desserts.When you talk of desserts you usually think of something bright and happy not dull and gloomy.

2) Lack of Options: When organise an event by the name Sugar Rush, it should actually offer that much options of desserts. There’s no point of having sushi stalls or Malaysian cuisine stalls or even for that matter kebab stalls at a dessert fest. To actually be Sugar Rush, the options should have been 10 times more than what has been offered at present.

3) Extremely Overpriced and Not much value for money: I mean come on, who pays 250 bucks for a cup of coffee or even 450 bucks for a milkshake. 360 bucks for a slice of cake, are you nuts?

4) Poor Entertainment: So in the dull lit area there was a stage where an artist who was really low on energy was performing. This thing killed the entire mood of the event.

LBB Delhi, seeing this after something like Dessert Bazaar in Feb this year was highly disappointing.


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