Global Bubble Parade New Delhi 2017 Organised by Those In Need & You Are Beautiful Project


This is 21st century, and even now, one of the more pressing issues that we all face are the stereotypes regarding our body shape, size or color. Keeping this in mind, Those In Need and You Are Beautiful Project have collaborated to bring ‘Global Bubble Parade’ for the second time in New Delhi this 28th May, 2017.

Through this event, they intend to stop society from defining people by the way they look, dress up, their gender and even their sexual preferences. The theme that they will be standing for is “Break Beauty Stereotypes”. Humans come in all shapes, color and sizes. People are body shamed, racially discriminated, fat shamed, color shamed, made fun of the way they look, the way they talk because of the place they come from, or the way they dress up.

To bust all the myths related to one’s physical appearance or how one chooses to carry himself/herself in order to end ‘beauty stereotyping’ and spread the movement of ‘BE AS YOU ARE’, Global Bubble Parade is being organized.

Internationally, the Bubble Parade is a movement of passionate individuals who share the belief that happiness is a journey, not the destination, by joining together in peaceful local parades of soap bubbles. Last year more than 80 cities participated in Global Bubble Parade.

Those In Need is a Not-For-Profit organization, child of Lending Hands Foundation – which has as mission to work for the welfare of society. Those In Need provides a network platform to various NGOs, volunteers, educational institutions and others to maximise the impact of their philanthropic efforts.

Shreya Bhatia, Co-founder of Lending Hands Foundation says:

“By bringing Global Bubble parade to New Delhi we want to give message of an inclusive society where we respect each other and find happiness in others’ smile! We find a way to make people happy and make a positive difference in their lives!”

“We really need to stop the society from judging us and defining us by one’s physical appearance – by one’s face, their body, their height, by the way they dress up, by their gender and even by their sexual preferences. This can only be achieved once we start feeling comfortable by the way we are and our preferences. I strongly feel we can spread this message through Global bubble Parade this year. It is about busting those beauty myths set up by the society.”  says Aashima Taneja, Founder, You Are Beautiful Project.

‘You Are Beautiful Project’ is an independent initiative aims to break beauty stereotypes in the society and shut the society from defining us by our looks, by our dressing style & by our gender and even sexual preferences by conducting events and workshops based on body and self acceptance while promoting the movement of #BeAsYouAre by different parts of unrepresented community like the LGBTQ community, the differentially able community, the northeast community, the south Indian community and so on.

Global Bubble Parade New Delhi 2017 will witness a lot of communities ranging from North-Eastern, LGBTQ, Differently abled, African, most of which have faced the scrutiny because of their appearances and preferences and the event will also witness people from other parts of the country, all standing together in solidarity for a tolerable society and to end ‘definitions’ and ‘labeling’.

Event FB page:


Abhishek Saini | +91-9711158343 |

Aashima Taneja |+91-9873846404 |


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