Love for Food

It was that time of the year when we had our Industrial Training interviews at various hotels. Everyday a set of students would be selected to go to a hotel for the interviews. And when it was my turn to appear for the interview, I had 20 others in the group as well and one of them was Shreya. So all of us visited the hotel and were gathered in the Training Department where in one room the Training Executive was interviewing the students one by one.

Every interview was as long as 15 to 20 minutes, so just to kill time in between the assistant training manager had started asking the students from outside Delhi which place they were from. It was Shreya’s turn now and she told everyone about how she had stayed in various cities across the country as her father was in the army. Her father was posted in Nagpur at that time. The assistant manager asked her if she had discovered any special delicacy in Nagpur over the time she had stayed there.

“Sir I have tried delicacies across various cities in the country but Nagpur is really special. Saoji Cuisine is a speciality there and it’s really spicy.” Shreya answered.

“Oh okay. Have you tried it?” the assistant manager asked her.

“I have tried it and it’s amazing. But you should keep a tissue handy.” Shreya replied.

“Okay will keep that in mind.” He said.

The assistant training manager got a call and left all of us in the waiting room to ourselves. That moment Shreya and I shared a glance at each other. “Why should we keep a tissue handy?” I asked her.

“Water comes out of every hole in your face.” She replied

“That is sick. I have to try it.” I said.

“That’ll be cool. Whenever you try it, let me know about the experience.” She said with a smile.

being the kind of foodie I am, it was really interesting to discuss food with her.

P.S. – A message for all the boys, if you find a girl who can talk about food like this then please don’t let her go.  She’s the ONE 😛



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