Confiteria – The Bakery Kitchen

Brookie (Top) and Nutella Cookie

The best part of writing about food is that you sometimes hit a jackpot while looking for awesomeness. Something similar happened with me during LBB Dessert Bazaar last month at One Golden Mile, New Delhi. It’s something called alignment of stars, when you’re not going to attend the event but then you have to because you win a Bailey’s Cheesecake in a Jar. Now when you talk about Bailey’s and Cheesecake Β in one dessert, I’ll go across continents for such a dessert.

Bailey’s Cheesecake in a Jar

So we went to the Desert Bazaar and by ‘We’ I mean my friend Baba Mady and I. When we reach there we are taken to Confiteria’s stall for the Cheesecake and that’s when we hit jackpot. Their table was full of awesome, innovative and tempting items. Now whatever things I’m going to tell you are absolutely real and not a work of fiction.

We had something which is called Brookie. It is cookie from the outside and Brownie from the inside. Perfect combination of the crunch of a cookie and softness of the brownie. It was something which instantly made me fall in love. After that we had the Nutella Cookie, do I have to tell you anything about it? I really don’t have to, I mean it was a Nutella Cookie. Then we had a Rum Cupcake, which was injected with white rum and had a hint of mint to it, topped with creamy white chocolate. Coming back to the Bailey’s Cheesecake in a Jar, there was a whiff of Bailey’s as we opened the jar. The Cheesecake was creamy and had the perfect texture with the taste of Bailey’s.

I had an amazing experience with Confiteria and would definitely love to visit them at their outlet next time to try out more of the desserts.

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  1. Ohh I love cheesecake, pictures are amazing as well.


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