The Hook Theory


This time I want to talk about something really crazy. A theory that came into existence through How I Met Your Mother when they discussed about “Being on someone’s hook”. So I did some research about it and came to know that in life everyone of us has been on someone’s hook and all of us have kept someone on our hook as well.

Now when you talk about being on someone’s hook, it does not necessarily require that you have to be on the hook of someone you love. This is because anyone can be kept on the hook for any kind of reason. For instance,

  1. Students can be on the teachers’/ school’s / university’s hook for exam results.
  2. An employee maybe on employer’s hook for salary/ increment/ promotion.
  3. An aspiring author maybe on the publisher’s hook for accepting the story draft.

Now that I think of it, even restaurants have us on their hook until they serve us or deliver us the food and then we have them on our hook  until we pay the bill.

Sometimes this leads to a chain or a circle where A has B on her hook, B has C on his hook, C has D on her hook and so on. Very rarely you can see this become a vicious circle where D will have A on his hook. The main problem that is present is that most of the times a person might have you on their hook unintentionally and this can be very damaging. Since the person does not know that you are on his/her hook , it will harm whatever relations you two have and also fill you with a lot of negativity which is harmful for you mentally as well as physically.

Now I have been on both the sides of this situation, I have been on other people’s hook and have kept other people on my hook too. What I have understood from all this is that being on someone’s hook is just a state of mind and nothing else. As soon as you feel that you are on someone’s hook or have somebody on your hook, confront them and let yourself off the hook or let them off your hook. In this process of letting yourself off the hook, you will realise if that person had you on the hook intentionally or unintentionally. If they’re doing it intentionally, you don’t need such kind of people in your life. You have to carefully analyse this.

After reading this article, I want you to think carefully and see how many people have had you on the hook and how many people have you had on your hook. If you think that you have never been on anyone’s hook and never had anyone on your hook, then my friend you’re living in some imaginary world and now you need to snap out of it.

This is a very debatable topic and I would like to know what you think about it.

Please share your views in the comments below.



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