Chef Saransh Goila’s Signature Goila Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is everyone’s favourite in Northern India and every restaurant has its own version of Butter Chicken. I have had Butter Chicken at all kinds of places from small roadside Dhabas to proper high-end Fine Dining Restaurants. When I came to know about Chef Saransh Goila’s new venture Goila Butter Chicken in Mumbai, I had a new addition to my Bucket List. #GoilaButterChicken was trending everywhere on the social media and my excitement to try Chef Saransh’s signature Butter Chicken was increasing.


So I made a special trip to Mumbai with my family to check out Goila Butter Chicken. Since it is just a take-away outlet we decided to get the food delivered at home, but unfortunately they weren’t delivering in our area. So we placed the order over phone and headed to the outlet to pick up the food. Now since their menu is very compact, it wasn’t a task for us to decide what to order. Our order consisted of Chicken Naan Bombs, Goila Butter Chicken, Wheat Roomali Roti and Chilli Garlic Roomali Roti.

Chicken Naan Bombs

When I first heard about Naan Bombs I thought it would be something similar to the Tandoori Momos, but I was wrong. This is an entirely different concept and is nowhere close to Tandoori Momos. The outer covering is made out of Naan and is stuffed with chicken cooked in a combination of Indian spices served with the Tomato Gravy Sauce. I would call them small bombs of joy as they’re soft on the outside, juicy inside combined with the tangy flavour of the Gravy Sauce. Naan Bombs is the best innovation I have seen till now. Coming to the star of the meal, the Signature Goila Butter Chicken, I have not had such good Butter Chicken even in Delhi. The beautiful colour and the aroma of the Butter Chicken give it a totally different appeal. As you start eating, you can feel the butter, the tanginess of the tomatoes and a hint of garlic, all romancing together with the juicy chunks of chicken (My mouth is watering as I write). It is so delicious that you don’t want it to get over; you want to enjoy every last bite of it. Combining the Butter Chicken with the Chilli Garlic Roomali Roti takes things to a different level.

Goila Butter Chicken

Since this time I was only able to try the Chicken Naan Bombs and the Signature Goila Butter Chicken with the Chilli Garlic Roomali Roti, I’m really looking forward to being in Mumbai again to try the Sindhi Style Mutton, Butter Chicken Biryani and the Chocolate Golgappa.

In the end I just want to tell all my readers that if you’re from Mumbai or get a chance to visit Mumbai, don’t miss out on Goila Butter Chicken because you won’t get such good flavours anywhere else.

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