2016:Year In Review

Just like last year, for the last post of this year I will review the entire 2016.

The year started and I had absolutely no idea what was happening around me. Took some time to settle down and then came February. The month was full of catching up with long lost friends. Somehow I don’t remember much of March and April. Then came May and exams started and after 2 weeks of exams 5 days in Mumbai. It was a good break from all what was happening, but still this break wasn’t enough. After coming back to Delhi, I was facing another set of exams in June. So June was just exams and hanging out with friends and by the end of June I had successfully wasted 6 months of 2016.

July started off and with it started the much vacation to Mangalore which was worth it. After a good 2 weeks in Mangalore, came back to Delhi with a fresh mind and spirit to get some things done. August was when things started looking up and positive things started happening. I came across an event called ‘Young India Challenge’ and applied for it. 21st August at 8:30 p.m. (yes I remember it well) I got a call for the telephonic interview for Young India Challenge. The interview was great and I was selected to be a part of the “Top 10%” of the applicants (Top 10% does have a ring to it). To be honest, at that moment I had no idea I was getting into something that will change my life completely. A week later I joined a WhatsApp group with all the YIC candidates and met some amazing people. Highlight of September was ‘Young India Challenge SRCC 2016’, an experience of a lifetime. Met some like-minded people and made a bunch of new friends.

October happened and so did “10+2 Eggheads”; joined some friends from YIC to create a writing platform for ourselves. Visited Kolkata for the first time but only for a couple of days, still was a great experience. Exams and November go hand in hand, but this exam month was fun. My posts got featured on Little Black Book (LBB) Delhi, got some writing work for ExplainoExpo and also Food and Wine India. December was great with Comic Con and meeting Sudha Murthy. And of course winning an article contest on Fagnum.com

The major highlight of 2016 has been the Young India Challenge which helped me discover and do what I love. Without YIC, 2016 would have been a mediocre year. I would like to thank Human Circle and Young India Challenge for making the year great and connecting me to some awesome people.

With a bunch of goal set for the new year now the question is, will I do what I love in 2017?

Hell Yeah!!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ekta Pareek says:

    Everybody else who have attended Yic and read your year in review will search what they love and #dowhattheylove !
    Keep writing. Tons of wishes.🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ekta….keep reading the blog and stay awesome!!


  2. Purvisoni says:

    Thanks to YIC that we became friends. Cheers to life and all of us 🙂 Keep writing!!


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