Healthier Side of Life at Smoothie Factory



Factory Classic Smoothie (Left) and Super C Smoothie (Right)

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the “Health Food” concept but my recent visit to Smoothie Factory changed my mind. Located in the SDA Market in New Delhi, Smoothie Factory not only specializes in smoothies but also has some great sandwiches, pastas, flat breads and waffles to offer. Usually when I visit restaurants who claim to serve “healthy food”, the food is bland and tasteless. But Smoothie Factory has some really amazing and flavorful items its menu. This place is a hub for students to hang out since it is located near IIT Delhi.

Paneer Lemon and Herb Foccacia Sandwich

Our picks here were Chicken Pepper Flat Bread, Mushroom Alfredo Pasta, Paneer Lemon and Herb Foccacia Sandwich, Factory Classic Smoothie and Super C Smoothie. The Chicken Pepper Flat Bread was something really interesting with roasted chicken, jalapenos, capsicum and mozzarella. I would call it a distant cousin of Pizza because the Flat Bread had its own characteristics which made it different from Pizza. Mushroom Alfredo Pasta was the usual but with a twist, where Whole Wheat Pasta was used to make it healthier. The beauty of it was that even though it was whole wheat pasta, it didn’t make any difference to the taste of the dish. Paneer Lemon and Herb Foccacia Sandwich was the star of the show according to me because I have never had such a combination before and it was excellent. The paneer was really soft and fresh, there was a mild refreshing taste of Lemon mixed with herbs and black olives giving it a perfect balance of flavours. The smoothies were excellent with Super C having Lemony kick to it with a bite of kiwi and the Factory Classic had a strawberry taste with a dash of honey, papaya and again a mild taste of kiwi as well.

Chicken Pepper Flat Bread

The quantity of the food served is sufficient and the excellent quality gives you good value for money. At Smoothie Factory, they use all natural and fresh ingredients. The breads and the pastas used are all whole wheat which makes all their dishes healthier. They also offer a variety of Multi-grain Waffles which I would love to try when I visit the next time. The place has a very cozy ambiance with a lively and colorful decor.

All this makes Smoothie Factory a highly recommended must visit place in Delhi.


Rating for Smoothie Factory (out of 5):

  • Food – 4

  • Ambiance – 3

  • Service – 3

  • Value For Money – 4



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