10+2 Eggheads


Last month I got this opportunity of meeting a bunch of amazing people over 2 days of September 17th and 18th. All of us are from different backgrounds but we have some common interests like food, music, writing and reading. After bonding over two days one of us came with the idea of sharing our experience and writings with everyone else and this gave birth to what is now known as “10+2 Eggheads”.

Why “10+2 Eggheads” you ask? Well our team consists of 12 people form different walks of life, with different experiences brought together by the love of writing. We write in English and Hindi and we have something for everyone. Okay all that is fine but why “10+2”, why not just “12 Eggheads”? The thing is “12 Eggheads” is just too mainstream and we are not here to do anything of that sort. We are here to do something different, something that we love and “10+2” makes us stand out from the crowd.

Being a part of this team has been a great experience till now and it keeps on getting better as each day passes. Please join us on our journey by-

Liking us on Facebook:ย https://www.facebook.com/tenplustwoeggheads/

Following us on Instagram: @tenplustwoeggheads

Know more about all the Eggheads at:ย https://tenplustwoeggheads.wordpress.com/


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