The Exams

Well the CBSE Board Exams are on these days and so is the ICC World T20. A lot of students must be thinking “Yaar aise thodi hota..ab India ko support kare ya padhe“. To them I would like to say that I was in the same dilemma 2 years ย ago. That was also the time when Asia Cup had also ended and India had a disappointing performance.

As far as I remember, India was playing against Pakistan in Asia Cup right before my Business Studies exam (this was the same match which was shown in Bajrangi Bhaijaan “n” number of times). As usual there was a lot of pressure not only on team India but also on me. I was studying Financial Management while watching the match and Afridi hit Ashwin for that winning six. That made me realise that one should never study while watching TV (because India can lose).

Right after that the ICC World T20 started and India had their first match against Pakistan. This match I watched with a relaxed mood since it was right after my Maths exam. After that India played against West Indies the night before my Physical Education exam. I watched that match because nobody really cares about Physical Education and also I made an excuse that I had chosen cricket as my main sport for the exam *wink*. Okay so basically I watched every match.

So now my message for all those students-cum-cricket enthusiasts appearing for their board exams is that please study because now you only got a couple more exams to go. You guys don’t need to think that whatever is happening is unfair because India’s scores are not going to help you.

P.S.- If you watch all the matches religiously, you’ll probably end up like me….HAPPY ๐Ÿ˜›



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