The Friend

There are some times when I feel really low, when there are things in my head that I can’t share with others. I know there is this one person with whom I can share all these things and he calmly listens and gives the right advice. This person is not just a friend; he is my brother from another mother. We have been together since a long time now and from the first day we have had a connection.

This friend has always stood by me through my highs and lows, achievements and failures. He is my go to guy whenever I need to make some major decisions. We have had a lot of great memories to like one of which is going for the Guns N’ Roses concert in December 2012. It was a Tuesday night and we still had no idea about the tickets. Around 9:30 he called me and said, “Dude, we’re going for Gn’R tomorrow.” The next night we had the time of our lives. When I look back at that time it just seems like it happened yesterday.

We are in different cities now but our friendship hasn’t changed a bit. We have other priorities and we are busy with our lives now but we are just a call away from each other and there’s hardly any distance. Each day I just pray that everything stays the same in our friendship.


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